Coloradans from Boulder to Pueblo Agree: Big Banks Not Too Big to Jail

Colorodans and economists know that it was big bank criminal activity and reckless fraud that caused 229,000 Colorado homeowners to be drowning in debt they shouldn't owe with tens of thousands already in foreclosure.

After crashing the economy, big banks like JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo received $700 billion in taxpayer bailouts. Meanwhile, not one big bank executive has been sent to jail for their crimes. Candidate Barack Obama won Colorado by 196,000 votes in 2008. Your voice matters more than ever this year. Tell President Obama to do what’s right for Colorado.

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Here's why.

Recruit your family and friends to take action. 

What do millions of Americans like YOU know?

  • $700 billion in taxpayer funded bailouts to the Big Banks
  • $6 trillion in home values lost because of the Big Banks’ Fraudulent Activities
  • 229,000 Colorado homes underwater and the worst economy since the Great Depression
  • Zero Big Bank Executives in Jail for their crimes
  • Just one major speech in January by President Obama announcing investigations into big bank crimes with no major progress since.

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