From Carson City to Reno, Nevadans agree: Don’t bet on the big banks being Too Big to Jail

Nevadans and economists know that it was big bank criminal activity and reckless fraud that caused 358,000 underwater homeowners to be drowning in debt they shouldn't owe with tens of thousands more already in foreclosure.

After crashing the economy, big banks like JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo received $700 billion in taxpayer bailouts. Meanwhile, not one big bank executive has been sent to jail for their crimes. Candidate Obama won Nevada by 119,000 votes or a third of homeowners under water. Your Voice Matters.


President Obama: I am a Nevada voter. I want Wall Street criminals held accountable and I want the big banks to pay us back. Do what’s right for Nevada!


Paste your message in the comment section of the most recent post on Nevada's Obama for America Facebook page.

Tweet at the Obama for America Twitter account and tell them that you want the President to make big banks pay us back. 

Recruit your family and friends to take action. 

Here's why.


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